ŚKODA Choice

Guaranteed Future Value


Protect your investment

ŠKODA Choice is a flexible finance solution that provides you with a way to safeguard the future value of your vehicle^. You know from the start the minimum future value^ of your new ŠKODA, so you can plan ahead. And even better, you're all set to jump into the newest ŠKODA at the end of your contract if you want, making sure you enjoy the best that ŠKODA has to offer.

  • Choose the perfect ŠKODA for you
  • Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind, knowing the minimum future value^ of your ŠKODA from the beginning
  • Tailored finance solutions, with convenient choices at the end of your term
  • Upgrade your ŠKODA more often, enjoying the latest model with the best innovations and new technology

Simple steps

ŚKODA Choice is a simple way to drive away in the ŠKODA of your dreams while enjoying the security of knowing your new investment is protected with a guaranteed minimum future value^. There are also a number of options at the end of your term, so the next step is your choice.

Ask the Business Manager at your participating ŠKODA dealership for more information and to help you find a tailored finance solution to meet your needs.


This is the best thing about the Choice program. At the end of your term, you can upgrade your vehicle by trading in your old one, so you can enjoy the latest and greatest that ŠKODA has to offer. Finance your new car with a new ŠKODA Choice contract and continue on your journey.


If you and your car have formed a special bond, you don’t have to say goodbye. You can simply purchase your vehicle outright for the Guaranteed Future Value^ you locked in at the beginning of your contract. Alternatively, we can help you refinance the outstanding amount with the intention of you keeping the vehicle at the end of that period.


If you want to return your vehicle at the end of the term, you can! Subject to your agreed kilometres and fair wear and tear guidelines, you can just take your vehicle to your ŠKODA dealership and we’ll pay you the Guaranteed Future Value^ amount. And if you find another ŠKODA that takes your fancy, that’s even better!

Maintaining your ŠKODA

A new car is always an exciting thing, and when you’ve taken home the perfect ŠKODA for you, you want to keep it in top notch condition. To protect your guaranteed minimum future value, your ŠKODA needs to be in an acceptable condition when you return it to us, and you need to keep within your specified kilometre limit. We know there’s going to be some day-to-day wear and tear because that’s how life is, but to maintain the value, you should stay within the guidelines set in your contract.

You can find the specifics outlined in our Fair Wear and Tear Guide which can be downloaded here

^The ŠKODA Choice Program consists of an option to require ŠKODA Financial Services to purchase* your vehicle at the end of your ŠKODA Financial Services Chattel Mortgage, Consumer Loan or Hire Purchase for a value (known as the Guaranteed Future Value) determined by ŠKODA Financial Services and set out in your contract. The Guaranteed Future Value is not a representation by ŠKODA Financial Services as to the likely market value of your vehicle as at the end of your contract. The option is available on new and demonstrator ŠKODA vehicles for selected models only. Please verify with your dealership vehicles that are eligible for the program. If vehicles are not returned in an acceptable condition, as defined in the terms and conditions or exceed kilometre restrictions the Guaranteed Future Value will be reduced. See the ŠKODA Choice Fair Wear and Tear Guide, downloadable on this page, for more information on the required conditions and circumstances. The cost of the ŠKODA Choice Program is incorporated into the applicable interest rate. Please read the full terms and conditions. Please consider whether these products and services are appropriate for your circumstances. Before acting on any of the information on this page, please seek independent financial and tax advice. Full terms and conditions are available upon application. Available only to approved applicants of ŠKODA Financial Services. Subject to credit assessment. Fees and charges apply. Fleet, government, rental buyers, hire car and chauffeur companies are excluded. Available at participating ŠKODA dealers.

*ŠKODA Financial Services is a trading name of Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty Limited ABN 20 097 071 460. Australian Credit Licence 389344.

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