2021 Skoda Fabia Interior Previewed In Revealing Design Sketch

2021 Skoda Fabia Interior Previewed In Revealing Design Sketch

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2021 Skoda Fabia Interior Previewed In Revealing Design Sketch

If you think it looks familiar, you're not alone.

Skoda's teaser campaign for the all-new Fabia is in full swing and the latest episode takes us inside the cabin. Compared to the outgoing supermini, the fourth generation of the subcompact hatchback looks totally different, but at the same time, it's quite similar to what you'll find in the larger Scala and its Kamiq crossover equivalent.

Aside from the round lateral air vents, the cabin looks oh-so-familiar. From the tablet-like infotainment and climate control module to the two-spoke steering wheel and VAG's immortal light switch, the Fabia is certainly not a departure from current Skoda interior designs. The bulky gear shift lever for the DSG means the B-segment hatch doesn't get the shift-by-wire tech implemented in the Octavia with its fancy small switch. The use of a mechanical handbrake reveals the company's smallest car uses simpler underpinnings, specifically the MQB A0 platform.

A fully digital instrument cluster is finally coming to the Fabia, but it will be offered as optional equipment. It means the lesser versions of the Golf Mk4-sized hatchback will have to make do with physical dials and needles. That's not all too surprising considering Skoda is selling the larger and fancier Octavia with the same analog setup in some markets for the entry-level trim.

You can't really tell looking at this design sketch, but the interior is considerably more spacious compared to the Fabia Mk3. The new generation will be among the biggest cars in the segment, and that will obviously pay dividends in terms of headroom and legroom for the driver and passengers. As a refresher, the overhauled subcompact hatch will be 4,107 millimeters long, 1,780 mm wide, and 1,460 mm tall.

Skoda will spice things up by adding a horizontal decorative trim on the dashboard and by embedding prominent "Fabia" lettering on the side of the instrument panel. Colored design elements in the center console along with chrome door openers serve the same purpose and contribute to the new model's far more modern interior compared to the aging Mk3.

The world premiere is scheduled to take place at the beginning of next month when we'll get to see the hatchback body style. A wagon has been confirmed as one of the last long-roof models in this segment, but it won't come out until early 2023. Until then, the next-gen hatch will be sold alongside the old wagon.

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