2021 Skoda Superb price and features

2021 Skoda Superb price and features

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2021 Skoda Superb price and features

Skoda Australia has padded-out its local Superb range, adding a Sportline sedan and wagon variant to the pre-existing Superb Scout rugged off-road wagon. 

Skoda also confirmed that the Skoda Superb Scout (originally intended as a limited edition) will stick around for 2021, though the price has jumped from $59,490 (plus on-road costs) to $61,990 plus ORCs. 

The new Superb Sportline sedan will cost $60,390 (plus ORCs) and the wagon will set you back $62,090 (plus ORCs). 

Though prices have risen, Skoda says the added cost has been amortised by extra equipment including an upgraded infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay as standard. 

Both cars use a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine; the Superb Sportline receives a 206kW/350Nm tune and the Superb Scout receives a 200kW/350Nm version. Each features a drivetrain that sends power to all four wheels. 

For the Superb Sportline sedan and wagon variants, added kit includes a fully digital instrument cluster, Matrix LED headlights, wireless charging, dynamic rear tail lights and a new-design steering wheel.

The Superb Scout receives a new flat-bottom steering wheel, wireless Apple CarPlay and detachable tow bar. 

Notable options for the Sportline and Scout are a $1900 panoramic sunroof and $770 metallic paint, while different alloy wheel designs and upholstery are available. 

The Skoda Superb range will grow again in the first quarter of 2021 when entry-level 162TSI variants join the range. More detail regarding pricing and specification will be supplied closer to that launch. 

2021 Skoda Superb Australian pricing

  • Superb 206TSI Sportline sedan – $60,390 ($62,990 driveaway)
  • Superb 206TSI Sportline wagon – $62,090 (64,990 driveaway)
  • Superb 200TSI Scout wagon – $61,990 ($63,990 driveaway)

More information about the Skoda Superb Scout:

Known as the Superb Scout, it’s based on the mid-grade Sportline and sports a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes 200kW and 350Nm, which is sent to all four wheels via a seven-speed double-clutch gearbox.

In a first for both Skoda and the Volkswagen brand, the Superb’s EA888 engine is fitted with a petrol particulate filter, which is designed to decrease emissions at the tailpipe. It drops six kilowatts of power as a result, and a steady diet of 95 RON fuel or better is mandatory, rather than advised.

This is down to the poor quality of Australian petrol, which is burdened with the highest sulfur count of any fuel in the developed world at 50 parts per million (PPF).

“This particulate filter can withstand petrol with 50 parts per million of sulfur, but it must be understood that these cars can run only on premium unleaded,” says Skoda Australia’s managing director Michael Irmer.

“While that’s also true of all our non-filtered petrol cars, which will not run to their full capability on basic unleaded petrol, ‘underfuelling’ accidentally or to save money at the pump will rapidly require the costly replacement of the filter.”

Mr Irmer said the brand will try and source engines for its cars that are not fitted with the PPF, but points out that better quality fuel would mitigate any risks.

“Our view is that all motorists would benefit by the immediate introduction of a higher quality petrol - as used in most first world countries - with less than 10ppm in place of current ‘Premium’,” he said.

The Superb Scout differs from its Sportline brethren by way of a 15mm lift in its suspension, an additional off-road mode in its driver-adjustable settings and underbody protection for the engine and gearbox.

It boasts a long list of standard inclusions like a digital dashboard, a Canton stereo linked to an Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatible multimedia system, leather upholstery, heated seats front and rear, a heated steering wheel, nine airbags, AEB with city assist and pedestrian detection, inductive phone charging, electric tailgate, 18-inch alloys and LED exterior lighting.

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