85 years have passed since the Skoda Popular Sport in Monte Carlo

85 years have passed since the Skoda Popular Sport in Monte Carlo

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85 years have passed since the Skoda Popular Sport in Monte Carlo

Skoda has always had an important presence in the world of competition, mainly when we talk about rallies. And there are few vehicles of the Czech brand that have achieved the feats that the Skoda Popular Sport, a convertible from the 1930s that stands out for its design and behavior. Just 85 years ago it completed its greatest feat, which is remembered by many followers of the brand and which has served to establish its philosophy.

It was in January 1936 that Zdeněk Pohl and Jaroslav Hausman left the Skoda headquarters in Mladá Boleslav for Monte Carlo Rally at the wheel of a Popular Sport. At that time the road network was not like the current one and it was important that the vehicle arrived in good condition at the race. The official departure point had not yet been decided, so they left Prague and in 17 hours covered the 850 kilometers that separated them from the Trieste ferry.

They took it to go to Athens, where they spent four days to recover and technically prepare the vehicle, something they did themselves when not having assistance of any kind. They then faced the 3,852 kilometers of the tough Monte Carlo Rally, covering them in four days after passing through Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, Strasbourg and Avignon, until they reached Monaco. Practically four days without sleep to become one of the 72 teams that finished the test (of 105 that registered).

They arrived without penalty points, passing the technical inspection and obtaining good results in the skill tests. That made them get the second position in the category less than 1,500 cc. The Skoda Popular Sport had made a difference thanks to the good work of Pohl and Hausman, who had put their leather suits and the off-road tires Bat’a in the snowy Giant Mountains. They even brought wooden and tin shovels in case the car had to be salvaged.

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