Current Skoda Octavia RS among the last petrol-powered RS cars

Current Skoda Octavia RS among the last petrol-powered RS cars

Skoda has no plans for even hotter versions of its petrol-powered RS performance cars, as send-off specials before the brand goes electric – potentially leaving today’s Octavia RS as the last of the line.

Speaking to media and investors earlier this week, Skoda CEO Thomas Schäfer ruled out any higher-output, “last hurrah” versions of the company’s petrol-powered Octavia and Kodiaq RS performance cars – dashing any remaining hopes for an all-wheel-drive Octavia ‘RS 320’, with Volkswagen Golf R running gear.

Instead, Skoda is shifting resources towards building a range of electric cars, with RS variants – and the wording on Schafer‘s comments suggests today’s hot Octavia and Kodiaq may not only be the most powerful petrol RS models the company will ever build, but the last.

“I don’t think we are going to make specific [send-off] models towards the end of [the petrol era and] transforming into electric mobility,” Schäfer told media.

“I personally think you have a hell of a punch when you drive the Enyaq RS iV Coupe [Skoda’s first electric RS model, pictured above], this is more than enough. I personally don’t know why we would need to do this in the ICE [internal combustion-engined] world.

“Our focus is now transforming our company and vehicles into the future – it takes all of our attention, I can assure you.”

While Schäfer didn’t confirm the current Octavia and Kodiaq RS will be the last to wear the performance badge, the models aren’t due for new generations until about 2024 and 2027 respectively – by which point, Skoda will be well on its way to its goal for electric cars to account for 50 to 70 per cent of its sales by 2030.

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