ŠKODA delivered 1 127 700 vehicles last year

ŠKODA delivered 1 127 700 vehicles last year

In December, ŠKODA achieved a 5.7% increase (December 2015: 86,600) with 91,500 deliveries. This was the best December ever in the company’s history. ŠKODA will continue to intensify their model campaign throughout 2017. Two new models will be released in the first quarter: the new ŠKODA KODIAQ and the extensively revised ŠKODA OCTAVIA. Additional new products will follow during the course of the year.

“The record result of 2016 highlights the fact that we increased the attractiveness of our brand last year with our young and modern model range,” says ŠKODA CEO, Bernhard Maier. “We are increasingly able to inspire new customer groups, with emotional designs, the latest automotive technology and the many practical advantages of a ŠKODA. With a total of eleven model innovations, we will continue this trend in 2017. In particular, the market launches of the revised ŠKODA OCTAVIA and the new SUV model ŠKODA KODIAQ are expected to provide further positive momentum for the brand in the first half of the year,” adds Maier.

The world premiere of the new large SUV ŠKODA KODIAQ in Berlin and its subsequent exhibition debut at the Paris Motor Show were the product highlights of 2016. “The ŠKODA KODIAQ marks the launch of our broad-based SUV campaign, bringing new growth potential to the brand,” says ŠKODA Board Member for Sales Werner Eichhorn, adding: “It is also gratifying that, in cooperation with our dealership organisation, more than 75% of our nearly 3,200 ŠKODA dealerships around the world had converted their operations to the new corporate design by the end of 2016.” 

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